Growing a colourful, illustrative garden full of delight

about me

Originally from Ontario, Canada and now based in NYC. I specialize in developing creative projects in collaboration with brands and organizations that utilize unique and eye-catching visuals. I am passionate about making vibrant artworks that bring to life colourful and uplifting worlds filled with whimsical characters, lively colour palettes, optimistic energy and dynamic compositions.

I spent my childhood glued to an old TV watching a stack of Hanna-Barbera VHS tapes on repeat, skateboarding around my small lakeside town, daydreaming up at the clouds and drawing comics to pass grades in elementary school. Nowadays, when I'm not illustrating you can find me writing poetry, Pennyboarding and taking photos.


I draw everything free-hand and utilize hand-drawn textures to achieve an imperfect, human quality to the works that feels authentic to my spirit. Trusting my instincts and flowing with an artistic rhythm define my process, where lines are often redrawn numerous times and yet the main composition may be outlined in a minute or less. It mirrors the essence of other art forms, where the first attempt may strike the right chord, yet refinement becomes the key to excellence.

My creative drive emanates from an intrinsic longing to craft delightful wonders that captivate my eye. This genuine and playful energy permeates each project, as I nurture the childlike spirit within me to create with curiosity and amusement.


Some things that heavily inspire me include retro cartoons, float tanks, ancient Roman and Greek cultures, nature and urban hikes, space and the Mediterranean.

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